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Add A Striking Finish To Your Building With Custom-Made, Stunning, Metal Cladding

“We’re the same installers entrusted to clad iconic Federation Square and the award-winning St. Andrews Beach House…”

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W hether you’re a leading architect, or proud home-owner, Pro Facade can help you select, manufacture and install beautiful and durable metal cladding for your home or building.

Our copper, zinc, and light-weight aluminum metals can provide your project with an eye-catching and weather-resistant finish, in whatever configuration you need.

That might be a beautiful, modern facade to add the finishing touch to a commercial building…

Or a glowing, copper roof for an Albert Park home…

Either way – you’ll watch as your project transforms into a truly beautiful building you can be proud of.

Save Hundreds (Or Thousands) On Your Project

Pro Facade can offer you some of Melbourne’s most competitive prices on a range of metal cladding. We don’t outsource our orders. We fabricate in-house to ensure your cladding is the best quality and exactly as ordered.

  • No shipping mistakes.
  • No communication ‘errors’.
  • Just your new striking metal design on-time, as promised.

We also consult, design and install. It’s a seamless process that saves you time, and gives you the peace of mind you need when undertaking such a big project.


Benefit From 20 Years
Of Experience

Once a project is finished you either have to live IN IT – in the case of a residential home – or live WITH IT – when you’re an architect or builder who has put their reputation on the line with a tricky installation.

With your comfort and livelihood at stake it makes sense to entrust your project to experts who have successfully installed metal cladding on hundreds of projects.

We’ve had over 20 years of trade experience installing metal cladding. We’re confident we can create a beautiful finish for your new building, no matter the requirements, including…

  • Breathtaking finishes for residential projects
  • Stylish and eye-catching design for commercial buildings
  • Expert interior and exterior designs
  • Durable metal cladding for roofs and walls
  • And of course unique facades that get noticed.

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Add Character And Strength To Your Building

Metal cladding is not a static material. It’s designed to endure the harshest weather and self-heal… providing decades of protection for your building.

Our workmanship is just as good. You’ll get a one-year warranty on the installation and 10-years warranty on the materials.

You’re welcome to call us back at any time if you find a panel is damaged, or you’re just not completely happy.

We use a variety of cladding systems depending on your requirements, and offer expert installation of:

  • Interlock cladding, a self supported system that is used as a curtain wall façade. The panels are pre-formed and are installed vertically or horizontally on top hats.
  • Shingles cladding This is a tile-like system where the ’tiles’ overlap diagonally to create the appearance of fish scales.
  • Standing Seam, the most superior system offers the best waterproofing option available. It can be used for roofs and all other areas desired.
  • Flatlock cladding is an amazing look for soffits, fascia and walls. Whether you are after a staggered look or a smooth look, flatlock offers a striking finish.

Join Australia’s Premier Architects And Home-Owners In Creating A Truly Unique Building

Our reputation speaks for itself, we’re happy to have worked with some of Australia’s most prestigious builders, including:

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Pro Facade is a highly specialized and sought-after crew of installers, manufacturers and designers. We’d love to work with you on your next project, but before we get started we’d like to speak to you about what you’re hoping to achieve.

We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. If you want to just pick the colour and let us do the rest – that’s fine.

Or if you want to consult with us along every step of the way, we understand and enjoy working with people who are as passionate about good design as we are.

But first, we need to talk.

Click or tap the button below and fill in your details. One of our friendly consultants will get in touch soon to discuss your project.

This is completely free and without obligation.

We know we do what we do really well, but we are also very specialized and don’t just work on any project. That’s why we need to talk to you before any commitment is made.

Our Work is Recognised Worldwide

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Melbourne Roof and Wall Cladding

As one of the leading specialists in architectural roof and wall cladding, Pro Facade have been involved with numerous different cladding projects throughout the Melbourne area.

Facade Cladding Melbourne

With over 20 years of trade experience in the metal cladding industry, we feel that we’re perfectly placed to tackle a wide range of projects from residential to commercial, whether your project requires exterior cladding, interior cladding or both.

Wall Cladding Melbourne

Established in 2007, we’ve built up an enviable reputation as one of the leading suppliers and installers of metal cladding systems in Melbourne.

Furthermore, our years of hands-on installation experience have enabled us to gain a superior level of knowledge and experience with not just the cladding products themselves, but with the whole cladding process.

We’re able to take a project from conception to completion with total confidence, and our technical expertise means that we’re able to successfully deliver all kinds of cladding projects no matter how complex they may be.

Residential & Commercial Wall Cladding

Whether you have a simple roof cladding project for a domestic property or your project demands a much more complex approach, you’ll find that we have all the skills and expertise to complete your project on time, on budget and to your specifications.

Our years of experience in roof, wall and facades cladding means that we’re able to take on a wide range of projects that may be outside the scope and ability of other Melbourne cladding companies.

We’ve gained a reputation for completing all our projects to a very high standard, we never compromise on quality or workmanship, and we always start each and every project with the aim of providing complete customer satisfaction.

Need some help with your current cladding project?

If you already have a cladding project underway and you’re running into problems, we offer a troubleshooting service to get your project back on track.

Interior Cladding Melbourne

Our combined wealth of knowledge in the cladding industry means that we can quickly identify problems and find ways to work round them, providing solutions that will help you to stay within your budget and ideal timeframe.

We’re also available for consultancy work on any aspect of commercial cladding or residential cladding to confirm that you’re using the right materials and systems to ensure the success of your project, and we offer you the benefit of our considerable knowledge and experience.

Exterior Cladding Melbourne

Contact Us Today for More Info

So if you’re looking for a specialist wall cladding company in Melbourne that has the skills and experience to complete your next project, get in touch with us now.

We’re happy to provide no-obligation quotes for tenders, site inspections, and consultancy work to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your cladding project.

As Directors of Pro Façade, we care passionately about providing the best service possible for all our customers, so call us now on either 0432 33 88 66 or 0432 33 88 55 and let’s discuss how we can ensure that your next cladding project goes to plan.

Cladding is important

The exterior and interior cladding of your building play a much greater role in creating an impression with people than you may expect. Creating a good first impression can make all the difference between closing a deal and failing.

When people approach and enter your building, they’ll be noticing all kinds of things on both conscious and subconscious levels, including the wall cladding. Melbourne based company ProFacade can help with your facade cladding needs.

Not just for commercial buildings

Commercial wall cladding is our primary market, but that doesn’t mean we only serve business customers. Residential cladding is actually just as important, because we all want our homes to look their best.

With high quality interior and exterior cladding, Melbourne homes will have higher resale values and make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

For the best deals on residential cladding in Melbourne, talk to the experts at ProFacade.

Build your business image

The human brain is an amazing thing. One of the most amazing things about it is how rapidly it makes associations. The impression we form of a business as we enter it is built up, layer by layer. The first visual layer we encounter is the wall cladding, making it particularly important.

You can fill a building with all kinds of luxury and it won’t really help if you ignore the building facades. Cladding is part of what gets you noticed in the first place.

For innovative and effective commercial wall cladding in Melbourne, ProFacade is the logical choice. Great products, honest pricing, and expert craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our service.

Stand out from the crowd

Imagine what it would be like if every building looked the same. Not only would our world be so much more boring, but it would also make it more difficult to find our way around.

The unique and distinct characteristics of a building are exactly what gives it character, along with a whole host of other desirable attributes, including making it memorable enough that somebody could use it as a landmark.

Beyond these simple utility purposes, the key reason you need your building to stand out is that being noticed is a crucial factor in success. When your exterior cladding is a principle design factor, people will notice you. It’s not going to be the only reason they might come to you, but it will certainly help them find you.

Having brought people in through your doors, it’s important not to forget the importance of interior cladding. Melbourne people have generally had the good fortune to be exposed to a lot of very tasteful interiors because we live in a city that is famous for the talent of its architects, interior decorators, and artists.

When your interior isn’t all that flash, it’s kind of a let down, especially if the exterior of the building has raised the expectation factor. To have the best effect, you need both the interior and exterior cladding of your Melbourne property to be of equally high standards.

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Profacade not only specialises in facade cladding, but also roof cladding, wall cladding using interlock cladding systems, shingle cladding systems, flatlock cladding systems and standing seam cladding systems. Our cladding systems can be made using metal, zinc, aluminium and copper materials. Get in touch with us today!

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